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t o d a y i s t h e f i r s t d a y o f t h e r e s t o f y o u r l i f e (by neamoscou)


t o d a y i s t h e f i r s t d a y o f t h e r e s t o f y o u r l i f e (by neamoscou)

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Thank you for relaying my message! I tried to contact her in her gmail but yeah.. anyway thank you so much and you're the first kaisoo stan I followed on twitter! :)


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hi candy! do you have any bl recs? heheh. also what are the animes you've watched/ watching right now?

HI!!! asking me abt bl makes me so happy (LOLWTF) but bl??? what kind of bl like bl anime/manga/fics?? or?? XD and like original characters or??? bl is such a wide range!! aSJDlkasjd 

i am not rly an anime/drama person bc  i cant sit in front of my laptop and watch a few episodes at one time.. i get so fidgety… but now im watching YOWAMUSHI PEDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D

to name some of the animes i’ve watched:  snk, free, ouran, kaichou, 

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hey i found out just recently that you were friends with midnighttofu. :) and yeah, it's because even before she deactivated her account, i wrote a fic based on one of her pieces(?) and uh yeah i kind of forgot to send a link to her. :( it was the Blue Ocean Floor one. and actually it was probably the first fic i finished writing which actually inspired me to write more. hehe. if you can tell her this, thanks. sorry for bothering you. you guys are awesome! :) ♥

ooo i had to google the link for your fic (is it this one? http://arianki.livejournal.com/8373.html) and yes i just went to link her your fic~ ^O^~

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You're one of my fav kaisoo stans, I'm not even kidding you. Like when I see so many chansoo or sudo or kailu in my timeline, your kaisoo related tweets always cheer me up! (not that I'm against the pairings or something. They just aren't //my// otp u know?). But kaisoo are a bit... off on the pda department these days it's killing me haha. Here's to more kaisoo moments in the future! Cheers! :)

i was checking my email inbox after the last day of concert in hk at like 5am while all of my other friends were sleeping i was reading this message through my email and at that moment i felt so touched. LOL what even, i probably had too much feels that day. thank you♥ 

crosses fingers for more K&D♥ 

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Hi! I know you're friends with midnighttofu and if you can, please tell her I'm thankful for her art bc she inspired me to do well in my craft and now I'm an artist in a publication. Thank you! :)


(omg this is such a sweeeet message, i literally went awwww irl when i read it XD)

I passed the message to midnighttofu and she said that she’s really glad to hear that you’re doing well in your field and wishes you the best (: 

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♡ babysoo ♡

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Whether I bloom or fall is up to me…

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